15 Best Toy Cars for Kids in 2021

15 Best Toy Cars for Kids in 2021

There are undoubted benefits to playing with toy cars. Firstly, it is an effective way to release energy and relieve aggression while playing racing. Secondly, it is an exercise in social scenarios and roles – it is as if the child is sitting behind the wheel, just like his parents. Thirdly, like any other game, toy cars develop imagination – it is possible to develop different plots.

What Car Toys Are Suitable for Children of Different Ages?

Barely learning to crawl, the baby learns to roll the car on the floor, awkwardly holding it in his little hand, and imitate the roar of the motor. For such a tender age, toys must meet some requirements. Car toys for toddlers should be safe – without small parts and sharp corners.


Make sure that it is lightweight and convenient for the toddler to hold it in his little hands. Also, note that small children are used to “trying everything on their teeth.” Such a toy can be made of wood, plastic, rubber, or even fabric. Generally, for the first acquaintance is suitable most unpretentious cars, more complicated models will be in demand later when the baby is a little older.

Developmental Car Toys

At the approximate age of 1 year old, it is an excellent time to buy developmental car toys. This could be, for example, a car with a pyramid driven by a cheerful mouse. Alternatively, a self-propelled musical car-sorter will entertain the child and help him remember the geometric shapes.

In addition, here is a car with tools for older children. A kid can not only roll but also use the working tools, imitating Dad. Interesting cars with developing parts galore, the imagination of manufacturers is genuinely endless. They can be dancing passengers, a merry-go-round, or other moving parts, they can hum and play tunes, and some of them even turn on the lights. However, most importantly, they are equipped with items that the toddlers can touch, move, twirl, and rattle, which is helpful for the child’s fine motor skills and tactile sensations!

Themed Car toys

Toddlers love themed cars. This may be a red fire engine with a siren, which rushes to another call. Or a beautiful, white and blue police car. This also includes ambulances, tow trucks, buses, racing cars, and a wide variety of military or construction equipment. Cranes and dump trucks, graders, and concrete mixers – kids quickly learn their seemingly complicated names and will be passionate about playing construction.

Construction Vehicle Toys

Growing up, kids necessarily show an affinity for design. They love to disassemble and assemble toys. In this case, construction vehicle toys are a good idea. Their simplest version is a machine with plastic nuts and bolts, including a screwdriver and wrench. This toy can unscrew almost everything; it is straightforward to disassemble into components and just as easy to assemble. For older children, you can buy a more complicated set, which goes into a radio-controlled car.

In general, radio-controlled cars are a separate topic. With indescribable delight, boys watching as a little car ride itself, with only one button press! Steering a car with remote control – it’s not easy. The car always tends to fly on a chair leg or hit a wall. But over time, after practicing, the young driver will drive easy and with fun the car around the apartment or backyard! Playing with radio-controlled cars will help your child solidify the concept of cause-and-effect relationships, develop logical and spatial thinking, and remember the concepts of “faster-slower,” “forward-backward,” “left-right.”

Safety First

The topic of safety when choosing any toy, not only cars, is probably the most important. Therefore, pay attention to the durability of the toy. For example, cars made of plastic can be damaged if dropped, and in this case, a piece with sharp edges can break off. Make sure that the baby did not take it in his mouth. Also, pay attention to the small parts – will the child not be able to tear them off the toy? And if a metal model suddenly falls on the kid’s leg, it is fraught with injury. Therefore, for small children to buy heavy metal cars is not recommended.

Best Car Toys for Kids Age-by-Age

Cars for Toddlers

Kids usually choose brightly colored cars with easy-to-open parts – it’s easier for them to handle them. You can buy a car with a rope, special equipment for the sandbox, and a few small cars for the house.

When choosing a toy, you must pay attention to plastic quality – thin plastic will not withstand the pressure of children’s play. Parts should be large, without sharp corners. The car should also not be heavy.

Before you give the toy to your child, you should open and close the doors, raise and lower the body – the plastic should not crumple, and the parts must fall precisely into place, the body – do not detach at the slightest movement. You can turn the wheels, check if they turn well.

Please note that you do not need to buy cars for kids with removable tires – children love to chew on them.

3 -5 years

When children become a little older, they become interested in special equipment – “in vogue” tractors, excavators, snowplows, and garbage trucks.

The more the car looks like a real one, the better. Suppose the toy will have the name of an actual model or car brand that will thrill your kid. The car’s doors should open, the crane should go up, the wheels should rotate so that everything works as in a real car.

5-7 years

At this age, the time comes for “real racing,” which means you can buy race cars and tracks. Special models for racing tracks are detailed: they have adjusted aerodynamics, ideally standing wheels, calculated weight for a fast ride.

Usually, racing cars are made of metal. They are more robust than plastic ones, and they have a more predictable trajectory and higher speed.

You can also pay attention to the car transformers.

A few movements of this car can be turned into a frightening monster and then return to its original form and play with them as an ordinary car. There are car transformers for different ages – the more complex the transformation, the more mature the player must be.

7 years and up

Kids of this age can be interested in complex race tracks – preferably transformable ones.

It is good if the track can arrange a competition – to run several cars at once or track the race’s time. In this case, the track should have several lanes, a launcher, or a stopwatch.

Construction toys will also occupy a child of this age. For example, you can pay attention to the complex series of “LEGO” Technic. Cars are collected from the minor details that are attached and move like in a real car. They can even be made radio-controlled. Such car toys are related to STEM toys that are essential for your kid’s development.

Regardless of what cars will be in your child’s toy arsenal, you can be sure that they will be of great use. Cars – indispensable toys in story games, so that with their help your child can develop imagination – they can roll little toy characters, carry different loads, play different situations. Toys ideally stimulate crawling first and then walking h to develop spatial thinking, coordination, fine motor skills, etc. Your child will be happy and enthusiastic while playing with toy cars!

Best Toy Cars to Buy in 2021

Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Construction Vehicles – Soft Baby Toy Play Set of 4 Vehicles


These vehicles are all specifically created for babies. They maneuver fast and effortlessly, with a low-effort pulling motion.

The cars are bright and colorful, with characters seated in the front seats that add to the playfulness of the design. They are entirely soft and squishy, and their lack of rough edges makes them safe for babies to grasp. Additionally, it comes with a storage box for travel and use.

Recommended age: 9+ months

Melissa & Doug School Bus Wooden Play Set With 7 Play Figures

Toy Cars

This wooden Vehicle Play Set encourages imaginative role-play, and social learning develops manual dexterity and fine motor skills.

Engaging and interactive wooden play set includes the bus driver and the six students placed in their seats inside the school bus.

This bus’s size is perfect for little hands. All wooden toys in the set are made of natural wood and finished with water-based safe paints.

Recommended age: 36+ months

Melissa & Doug Shape-Sorting Wooden Dump Truck Toy With 9 Colorful Shapes and 2 Play Figures


Melissa & Doug produces goods that are designed to enhance children’s creativity and curiosity and encourage them to explore the world around them. It was noted by NBC News as “the gold standard in early childhood play.”

In addition, to pretend play, this Melissa & Doug Shape-Sorting Wooden Dump Truck Toy serves as a two-in-one toy and entertainment option. It features nine different-colored blocks of various forms, as well as two play figures.

A shape-sorting dump truck has a liftable back door, while the truck bed also tilts so that the block can be dumped from there. At Melissa & Doug, we believe in the importance of promoting creativity and color and form recognition through our educational toys.

This superior structure keeps up to regular usage since it is manufactured from premium materials and is assembled with precision production standards.

Recommended age: 2 years old and up

ANIKI TOYS Babies Early Educational Toy Musical Fruit Car with Omni-directional Wheel Sound and Light Toy 


These bright colors toy cars encourage toddlers to learn different colors, fruits’ names, numbers, and letters. Building block cars can run without being slowed by obstacles.

Music and multicolored lights flash on the car toy while it is running, attracting children’s interest and encouraging them to crawl and walk.

The building block game can help toddler to develop hands-on ability, hand-eye coordination, and grip.

Recommended age: 1 year old +

Kidtastic Set of 7 Take Apart Toys, Dinosaurs, Helicopter, Train, Truck, Motorcycle, STEM Building Set, Engineering Kit 


These are not toys that kids will use once and then leave in the toy box. Kids will love taking apart these clever take-apart kits daily. This Kit includes vehicles that kids can construct and dinosaurs ready to play right out of the box. This Kit contains 192 different components.

The Put-together toy box includes Train, Helicopter, Truck, and Motorcycle, and three dinosaurs. Boosts the ability to be curious and socially proficient. Every child is naturally interested, and it merely thrills them to experiment with and deconstruct things. This 4-year-old learning kit encourages kids to do so. Screwdrivers are also included in the bundle of 7 toys, providing an opportunity for kids to play together. There will be no more arguing about whose turn it is. an excellent fit for twins, family get-togethers, or play dates

This toy car develops fine motor skills and eye coordination. Because the tiny screwdrivers fit precisely in your child’s hand, they may unscrew different components while playing and work on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills at the same time. These construction toys for boys and girls teach young boys and girls the fundamentals of fine motor control, logical reasoning, and problem-solving. Thanks to this toy, STEM skill skills are now entertaining and pleasant for even the youngest of children.

For boys and girls, dinosaurs, vehicles, and trains make excellent toys to pull apart when you have run out of other ideas to keep your child engaged. In addition to these features, bonus toys are toys that do not use batteries, include no sound and are machine washable to keep your toys clean and germ-free. The container is robust and reusable so that you can store your toys safely.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up

TOP BRIGHT Toddler Race Track Toy with 4 Wooden Cars and 3 Car Garage


The parking lot, three-car garages, a fueling station, and a repair shop are all included with the automobile ramp toy, creating a perfect simulation of a real-life traffic situation. Toy vehicles can be released from the parking lot all at once and then quickly move down the rainbow track, enhancing the visual tracking abilities of toddlers.

Toddler’s race track is built of premium materials, with BPA-free paint that is water-based.

Encouraging hand-eye coordination and attention span development is made possible by toddler car toys. When all is said and done, the toy car ramp also encourages toddlers to collaborate and take turns, both physically and cognitively, to play their race cars on the race track, building on their abilities for communication.

The wooden toy vehicle ramp is tiny, making it ideal for storage in smaller spaces like bookcases or closets. Compatible with toddlers and suitable for playing in the home indoors or out. It will be a perfect gift for toddler.

Recommended age: 18 months +

JOYIN 2 Pack Remote Control Car, RC Cars with Music & Sound


Race Car Radio Control Toddler Cars include two race cars with radio control and action figures, two different remote controls with forward and reverse left channels, and music and sound features.

RC Car will provide honking sounds, as well as flashing headlights to help your youngsters develop their ability to discriminate between different sounds. The ergonomic features support a healthy design for Baby Grasping and developing Finger Flexibility.

JOYIN 4 Pack Friction Powered City Hero Play Set Including Fire Engine Truck, Ambulance, Police Car and Helicopter Emergency Vehicles with Light and Sound


Endless amusement with one Ambulance, one fire engine truck, one rescue helicopter, and one police car included in the package. A good selection of four City Heroes for everyday use. All of them are illuminated and have sound.

Friction is the driving force. On smooth surfaces, vehicles will roll on their own for a long distance without the need for any additional pushing. It’s packed with details, much like real vehicles.

The water pump on the fire engine is adjustable and may be rotated. The rear antenna of a police car can swing, giving the impression that it is flashing the sign for apprehending an outlaw.

The Ambulance has a door that can open to pretend to transport the injured. The Rescue Helicopter is equipped with a rotatable propeller. The Helicopter is equipped with a hoist cable to lift the stretcher and transport the wounded.

Recommended age: 3 years and up

Kidzlane Remote Control Cars – 2 Race Cars Racing Together with All-Direction Drive, 35 ft Range 

Best Toy Cars for Kids

With the Kidzlane Grand Prix RC Race Car Set, your kids will enjoy quick action and pull off some impressive feats! All-direction control, a faultless 35-foot range, and fast speeds up to 4mph.

Keep kids aged five and up will be delighted all day with these action-packed radio-controlled cars! The portable controllers are equipped with simple buttons and controls that children may pick up on the spot. Watch as they gain confidence and improve motor skills, all while having a great time!

Due to the use of two different frequencies, two players can race simultaneously without encountering any interference. A lengthy battery life (up to 100 minutes) and a reverse button let your kids play for long periods without interruption.

Recommended age: 5 years and up

BIFYTON Transform Car Robot with One Button Transformation and 360 Degree Rotating Drifting

Best Toy Cars for Kids

Kids may turn Car into a robot by pressing a button on the joystick, which will cause the Car to transform automatically. It transforms back and forth so effortlessly and is very impressive.

The controller has toggles for forwarding, backward, left, right, transformation, and auto demo buttons.

Remote Control with 2.4GHz frequency. 2.4Ghz A powerful transmitter system allows numerous cars to race simultaneously without interfering with each other’s performance. Simply pressing the demo button will cause it to turn 360 degrees freely in both the robot model and the automobile shape, demonstrating a remarkable performance.

Robotic automobile transformed into the transformer. The toy is equipped with a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack that is both durable and safe for children to use. It will last for 20-30 minutes after a full charge of 1 hour. A total of two controllers are required. A set of AA batteries with a 1.5v voltage is also supplied. Kids love this toy car!

It is made of high-quality and non-toxic ABS plastic and electronic components that are highly resistant to accident damage. This is an excellent gift for any child.

Recommended age: 8 years and up

Monster Jam, Official Megalodon Storm All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck Toy Vehicle


Superior performance tires: Megalodon STORM’s water-resistant construction and unique performance tires allow it to cruise over water with ease! Drive from the sea to the ground and keep going — this Megalodon RC monster truck is unlike any other vehicle!

Conquer any terrain with this RC truck’s great power and speed. Race on snow, mud, boulders, grass, and more with this incredible RC vehicle! The Megalodon STORM puts you in command of the most epic Monster Jam action on the planet.

This replica car boasts genuine logos, features, and BKT tires that make it feel just like the real thing. Heavy-duty tires on the Megalodon STORM deliver exceptional performance on both water and land!

The Monster Jam Megalodon STORM RC is a USB rechargeable toy that is an excellent gift for children aged four and up.

Recommended age: 4 years and up

TEMI Cartoon Vehicles Playset Transport Car Carrier Truck – 5 in 1 Push and Go Trailer With Sounds & Lights


There are four colorful small cars, an airplane, and a helicopter included in this transport truck toy set, 16.9*5.5*7.1in overall dimensions. Colorful macarons, funny cartoon expressions, automobile decorations and prints, and a moving airplane fan blade are all sure to draw the attention of both boys and girls.

When a toddler presses the button on the cab’s roof, a genuine whistle sounds, and the car’s lights come on brightly. Children will be drawn in by the sound of a real car starting. The whistle is active for approximately 8 seconds each time a child clicks the button.

There is no requirement for battery power; simply push and go to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment. The cab of the considerable hauler truck can also be rotated as necessary. After arriving, it is possible to detach the cab from the traction compartment and open the tailgate, which can be used as a ramp to move the automobile cars down the hill.

High-quality non-toxic plastic is used to construct this cars and truck vehicles playset, which meets American toy safety standards. The surface is smooth and will not irritate the skin of the youngster. It does not need to be concerned about scratching your wooden floor or tiles because the wheels are well constructed, and there are no corners.

While playing with this cartoon vehicle toy, children will pretend to be a little driver and learn about various modes of public transportation. Parents can accompany their children to play together and instruct them on traffic regulations, which can help them develop better eye-hand coordination and help them learn daily common sense at a younger age than they otherwise would.

Recommended age: 3 years and up

Hot Wheels id Smart Track Starter Kit with 3 Exclusive Cars, Track Pieces and Hot Wheels Race Portal for Physical & Digital Play


When it comes to playing Hot Wheels, id is the high-end, next-generation system of play that combines the adrenaline of hot wheel racing with the safety and connectivity of a linked video gaming platform that encourages creativity, exploration, and competitiveness.

The Smart Track Starter Kit includes three exclusive id die-cast cars, assorted premium track elements, and the Hot Wheels Race Portal, allowing kids to get right into racing right out of the box.

The more that children interact with the physical vehicles and track that they gain in level in the video game. This raises the bar for them as they attempt to beat their personal bests set on the track.

Kids can measure unbelievably rapid performance by using the power booster, which can propel cars up to 900 miles per hour (scale speed). They can scan id cars, monitor speed, count laps, and play mini-games on the original track all through the app!

It is an excellent gift for children and automobile enthusiasts aged eight and up; the addition of extra vehicles allows them to increase the difficulty of the challenge (sold separately).

Recommended age: 8 years +

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/ Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth


It’s a best-seller on Amazon, with nearly 3,000 five-star ratings.

First of all it is not suitable for indoor use. Because it’s simply too large to be driven safely and comfortably in an enclosed space.

This ride-on toy construction quality is superb. It comes with a long-lasting 12V battery, which is the finest combination of safety, fun, and speed for a ride-on kids car. The vehicle also includes adjustable seatbelts and three different speed settings, making it easier for your child to maintain control over their speed.

It comes with a remote control that allows you to use it with younger children if you so desire. It is a robust and safe option due to the large wheel base and chassis.

There’s also an MP3 player built into the dashboard, so your child can jam out to their favorite tunes while traveling around in the vehicle.

Recommended age: 3 years and up

Uenjoy Volkswagen Beetle 12V Kids Electric Ride on Cars Battery Powered Motorized Vehicles, Remote Control, Music, Bluetooth, Suspension, Double Door, Pink

Toy Cars

If the top model is more suitable for a boy in design and color, then this beautiful baby will be a perfect gift for a girl!

The wheels of this beautiful toy car are equipped with a spring suspension system to ensure a smooth ride – ideal for both outdoor & indoor playing. Parents remote control and double door design ensure your kids’ safety. A comfortable, thickened base with a safety belt provides ample space for your baby to sit.

Manual operate & Parental remote control. Kids love to drive it on their own by a foot pedal, shift lever and steering wheel, smooth & simple to ride, 2 speeds are optional for kid’s driving. Parents can also control it by the 2.4Ghz remote controller, 3 forward speeds changeable via parental remote. This mode is suitable for younger children.

The car is equipped with LED lights, Four-wheel suspension, a double door, power display, FM, Music, portable handle. Able to connect your device by USB or Bluetooth functions to play music and stories. Running time: About 1 hour, depends on children’s weight and car speed.

The beetle car is lovely, and it would make a perfect gift for any child. In particular, I recommend it to parents who want to get their children something fun to enjoy.

We would be glad if we could describe the best toy cars as a gift for a child of any age and under any family budget.

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