Tips on how to choose toys for a child from birth to five years old

Tips on how to choose toys for a child from birth to five years old

Sometimes choosing a suitable toy for the baby can become a challenging task. It is normal to have few questions before making the best decision while buying a toy for your little one. Is it safe? What is the play value? Is it good enough to entertain your kid while boosting their education and development?

Ready for shopping? Check out a few insights and tips for choosing toys.

Safety first when you choose toys for kids!

Tips on how to choose toys for a child from birth to five years old

  • Before buying any toys for your child, first read the warning labels carefully. Many toys contain small parts that could pose a choking hazard, so keep an eye out for any warnings printed on the packaging.
  • All toys have a rating that tells you what age range the toy is recommended for. However, a part of age recommendations on the packaging must not ignore your judgment. Unfortunately, age recommendations indicated in packages are not always accurate, but it is still an excellent place to start when shopping for toys.
  • Another essential issue to consider is a baby’s allergy that your child’s stuffed animals can worsen. Wash them regularly to keep dust mites and other potential allergens away from your baby. Make sure that you handwash toys if it contains electronic batteries or other components.
  • Children can be shocked or burned by electrical toys that are improperly constructed. Look for the seal of an established testing organization. Teach your children to use electrical toys with caution and under the supervision of an adult.


To search for specific unsafe products, use US Consumer Product Safety Comission search engine.

Where is the best place for toys shopping?

Tips on how to choose toys for a child from birth to five years old

There are a wide variety of good online stores where you can purchase toys for children. Toys of all ages can be found on the internet today. Shopping online has an excellent feature to apply sorting filters based on age, gender, and price range that can significantly save your time and help make the best decision. Mainly it helps if you have limited time and need to find, for example, the most appropriate gift and any special occasion.

Look for education elements.

Sometimes it is a challenging task to get a toy for your baby or toddler. If you are not sure what to get, go for something that will engage their development as much as possible. Bright colors and toys that create a different sound and texture of the toy will engage your child’s senses.

With an endless choice of educational toys on the market today, make sure that it is appropriate for your baby age and developmental stage. The temptation to purchase an educational toy intended for the next age group may be too great to resist. But keep in mind that such a choice can irritate your child.

Is there a way to save money when buying a good toy? 

There are few ways to save your money when buying a toy without compromising on the safety and quality of the toy.

1. First, read reviews when purchasing a toy. Even if the toy is not particularly expensive, the child must understand how to operate it. Customer reviews can be used to determine the durability of a toy and the amount of enjoyment that the average child appears to derive from it. Nobody wants to spend money on a toy that will fall apart within a week of being played with.

2. Check for promotional codes that you can use to save money. The majority of well-known online shops often offer special discounts on their products. Some coupon websites publish promo code numbers that you can use while looking for a toy. To find them, conduct a quick search on the internet.

You want to make a more informed decision, regardless of whether the child benefits from the purchase or whether the expense was unjustified. You may use the tips above by conducting thorough research on the toys you purchase. You’ll be happier, and your money will be better spent.

Age-by-age guide


Your baby’s first three months are the most basic. She can only look around and observe the world. Because her vision remains blurry, she loves brightly patterned, boldly printed items. As your baby gets older, toys will be more appealing to her other senses. So many toys are designed to encourage interaction in a variety of ways. Some toys make a squeaking noise or crinkling sound. Others have a fuzzy and soft texture that is nice to cuddle. The baby’s instinct is to chew on toys. Textured toys can also help with teething pain.

Top Toys

  • Crib mobiles with multicolored and brightly-colored patterns (Note: Once your baby can stand up, remove from the crib)

Tips on how to choose toys for a child from birth to five years old

  • Rattles. Babies love rattles and enjoy following their path with their eyes. Rattles also provide a sense of discovery and stimulation when babies grab and hold the rattle. Many rattles work as teethers for babies as they grow. Both of my daughters just loved sock rattles. They seemed to be just waiting for the funny animals to be put on their feet.

Tips on how to choose toys for a child from birth to five years old

  • Mirrors. A mirror can be used to encourage your baby to look around, lift her head and keep it up during tummy time. If your baby is prone to crying out when they are placed belly-down (more information below), a mirror can be used to catch her attention and keep her interested for a tear-free tummy time. Mirrors also allow visual tracking, as your baby can see the reflections of moving objects in mirrors and encourage babies to touch, point, pat, and reach.
  • Playmats and Activity Gyms. Activity Centers offer babies a place to connect with the world and have lots of fun. The Activity Center is a play center made up of different fabrics and materials with attached toys. It encourages babies’ fine motor skills, including reaching, shaking, grabbing, and exploring new textures, sound, and sensory perception. For more information, please read my article about Play Mats and Activity Centers HERE.
  • Soft, washable, colorful, and brightly colored stuffed animals, dolls, or toys with a smiling smile. If you’ve read my articles and reviews before, you probably know that I’m a big fan of all-in-one toys, as it saves money, space, and time to wash toys. So my favorite staffed animal works also as a rope and the rattle.


1-2 years

At this age, babies are fascinated by cause-and-effect and will love toys that respond to their actions and use new motor skills. She’ll be fascinated by toys that allow her to hit the ball with a hammer, as well as toys that play music or pop-up characters. High-tech toys are designed for babies this age to name letters, shapes, numbers, and other information when they press a button. Although your toddlers are too young to learn his ABCs yet, they will still enjoy playing with toys that develop imagination and assist in learning a language.

Top Toys

  • Stacking rings
  • Nesting cups and boxes
  • Toys that are push-or pull-type and make noises or have parts that pop up or move
  • Hammering sets for kids that allow them to hammer balls or pegs through holes
  • Sturdy and straightforward musical instruments such as tambourines, drums, or maracas. Would you mind reading my article on how Musical Toys and Instruments help develop a child, encourage creativity, and introduce art on HERE
  • Shape sorters
  • Puzzles of four or five pieces
  • Bath toys.

Tips on how to choose toys for a child from birth to five years old

2-3 Years

Your child is now more intentional in her play and has the fine motor skills necessary to create a puzzle or build blocks independently. At this age their creativity skills develop rapdily. Child will begin to love to pretend play that mimics the actions of those around him or her. They will enjoy high-tech toys which make real-life sounds, such as phones that ring and talking dolls.

Top Toys

  • Dolls and stuffed animal
  • Props to make-believe play include a toy phone, a tea-party table set, a doll kitchen, or a doll stroller.
  • Tricycles and ride-on toys
  • Musical instruments
  • Puzzles
  • Building toys and blocks
  • Plastic animals sets

Tips on how to choose toys for a child from birth to five years old

4-5 years

This age is seeing a massive increase in learning abilities. It’s a great time to introduce interactive educational toys which teach math and verbal skills. Choose positive toys. Children can now imagine themselves as someone else, and it’s vital that their role-playing guides them to development and good deeds.

Top Toys

Craft supplies and art kits

Painting sets

Blocks in a variety of shapes

Toys for electronic phonics

Large construction sets, such as Legos and Lincoln Logs, include large pieces.

Basketballs and soccer balls

Bicycles with training wheels. Click HERE for guidelines on kids bikes.

Tips on how to choose toys for a child from birth to five years old


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