Tips on how to choose the best outdoor playground for kids (2021)

Tips on how to choose the best outdoor playground for kids (2021)

Choosing children’s playgrounds equipment can be challenging for any parent: there are so many different options that you can quickly get confused! There are so many questions coming to parents’ minds, such as:

What material is the best for outdoor playground equipment?
How do I choose an outdoor playset?
How can you tell that a playground is safe for children?
What playground material is better: metal or wood?

And these are just a few possible questions that parents raise when looking for a playground.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a playground is that it is not a one-year purchase. It is essential to make the right choice initially. In this case, the playground will delight you and your children for years to come until their adulthood!

What are the main factors to consider before buying an outdoor playground?

Type of playground

Tips on how to choose the best outdoor playground for kids (2021)

The quickest and most straightforward method of selecting a set is to concentrate on child temper and likes. If you have a quiet child who enjoys quiet games, a playset in the shape of a house with a closed lower level is more appropriate – it provides a place for solitude and thematic games. A more appropriate design with an open play space would be more suitable for the active extroverts who intend to invite all of the neighborhood kids to their playground.

A slide and swings are two of the most fundamental elements of almost any playground. However, based on your child’s preferences, you can add additional elements to the basic set, such as climbing walls, handrails, tire swings on chains, rope ladders, sandboxes, and so on, to make it a complete play environment.


The second significant factor you need to consider is your budget that you’re ready to allocate for equipping kids’ area. Once it is calculated, you can move on to the design of the place for the playground.


Three primary materials are acceptable for playground constructions – Wood, metal, and plastic. However, keep in mind that the playground must be long-lasting. The majority of playgrounds are made of wood, which is an environmentally friendly and long-lasting building material.

A wooden playground is ideal for playing in the winter when it is cold outside. And it doesn’t get too hot during the summer. If you live in regions with cold winters, keep in mind that metal structures can pose a problem during the colder months because the metal freezes entirely during the winter. Also, weather conditions influence plastic constructions that are not always as durable as wood in strength and durability.

However, if you opt for wood, you might need to use wood protection to maintain a good appearance.

Remember that all the details must be safe for children – no sharp corners, no open elements where children’s fingers can get in!


Tips on how to choose the best outdoor playground for kids (2021)

Determine where you will place the playground. Measure the area and determine how much of it you can dedicate to the playground. Remember to consider the necessary safety zone around the perimeter of the entire playground.

Think twice before self-installation

Before installing the playground, inspect all of its components, read the instructions for assembly and use, watch the video. Installing a large playground alone can be quite a challenge. Maybe it is a good decision to seek help from professionals.

Prepare a place of installation

Before the installation of the playground, the area of installation should be cleared and leveled. Although the Playground complex can be installed on the lawn, the primary condition for the safety of the playground is the use of a quality surface. It is also vital to properly arrange the playground elements and ensure that adults can supervise kids and teach them never to violate safety rules.

Playground Surfaces Safety

All playground surfaces should be checked for protruding engineering structures (bolts, screws, etc.). Keep in mind that metal and plastic parts get very hot in direct sunlight and can cause burns to a child, especially if wearing thin summer clothes. Therefore, every time before playing on the playground, you should make sure that it is safe.

Ground Surface Safety

Suppose the backyard playground equipment is installed on a flat surface. In that case, it should meet specific requirements, including being covered with a special shock-absorbing covering to reduce the impact of a possible fall.

Clothing Safety

Avoid dressing them in clothes with ties, loops, or other items that could get caught on something.

Rules of conduct

 Tips on how to choose the best outdoor playground for kids (2021)

When children are playing on the playground, they should never be left unsupervised. Explain to children that they should not play dangerous games, use force, push, or walk too close to the swings when other children are swinging on them.

Types of outdoor playgrounds

Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

Tips on how to choose the best outdoor playground for kids (2021)

It’s a pretty expensive wooden playground to purchase if you’ve got just one kid. On, its price is around $450.

But for a large family with several children, this will be a great option to keep your little ones busy and entertained for long hours outside. This fantastic outdoor playground can easily accommodate more than four children at the same time.

Made with 100% Cedarwood durable playground is better to be considered by parents as an investment.

It consists of two swings, 6-foot slide and side rails, and a climbing wall with safety handles. Upper fort enclosed with mesh walls for kids’ safety and parents’ supervision.

If your family budget and backyard space allow you to get such playground equipment, I would advise this one.

Otherwise, continue reading my article for more options.

Lifetime Monkey Bars Adventure Swing Set

Tips on how to choose the best outdoor playground for kids (2021)

A safe and fun swing set with three belt swings, nine-foot wavy slides, and monkey bars can accommodate approximately six children at the same time. So it is time to invite friends to your house!

Free-standing equipment can be easily installed without cement.

Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber With Slide For Toddlers

Tips on how to choose the best outdoor playground for kids (2021)

This 5-in-1 toddler slide will offer a safer and more appropriate alternative to the larger, more expensive playsets described above. It is made with sturdy, non-toxic materials and includes a slide and two basketball hoops, a soccer goal, and a swing with a protector. There are also climbing holds. The playset even includes two mini basketballs and a pump to give your little ones hours of fun.

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