“Toy of the year 2021” or why LOL surprise dolls are so popular?

“Toy of the year 2021” or why LOL surprise dolls are so popular?

The official website MGA announced that L.O.L. Surprise! has won the prestigious “Toy of the Year” Award! Why it became Nubmer One Toy in 2021?

These world-favorite toys for girls have been produced by the famous American company M.G.A. since 2017. Such an idea was born at the manufacturer, not by chance – its specialists found out that the videos on the site YouTube, in which various novelties for kids are unpacked, have just an incredible success. That’s how L.O.L. Surprise (“extravagant little babes”) toys and accessories for them were born!

What does LOL doll stand for?

LOL is an acronym that stands for Little Outrageous Littles. The first set of LOL dolls (Series 1) were referred to as LOL Little Outrageous Littles on the packaging that came with them. The name of the product was changed to LOL Surprise during the second manufacturing run.

LOL Surprise Dolls – what are they?

M.G.A. branded sets are compact balls with dolls hidden inside. They are only 9 centimeters tall, have big heads and expressive eyes. Their arms and legs turn. All instances are carefully designed and very detailed.

There are 5 classes of rarity of LOL dolls: fabolous, fancy, popluar, rare, and ultra-rare. Everyone has their hobbies – sports, dancing, theater, fashion, and others. Depending on which club they belong to, they have different closets and hairstyles. As of today, MGA Entertainment, Inc. has featured twenty series of these cute dolls.

LOL Surprise Dolls

All L.O.L. dolls in balls have one of the properties – change color, cry, or make mischief. And to find out which one, you can brew doll with a bottle or by dipping a toy into cold water. But to get to the toy in general, you must first unwrap the package – depending on the release it has from 7 layers! The point is to assemble a complete collection of charming dolls, so it’s impossible to figure out in advance which one you’ll get this time!

What does LOL ball include?

  • puzzle riddle,
  • stickers with the properties of the toy,
  • accessories, such as a bottle, pacifier, headband, etc.,
  • shoes,
  • clothes,
  • collector’s poster,
  • instructions.

All the contents of the set are made of plastic. The lol ball can be used as a container, a house, a stand, and a tub.

LOL Surprise Dolls

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls- how to play and what to do with them?

Of course, a lot of interest is the unpacking of the ball with a surprise. But also, the L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

in a ball has many advantages:

1. an exciting idea of a toy.

2. Many options for collecting.

3. High-quality materials.

4. Functionality.

5. Small size.

Taking into account the popularity of LOL dolls, any girl will be glad to get such a gift! Playing with these toys is real fun, because each one is unique! In addition, there are exciting game elements. Kids can equip the baby doll home, put her to bed, walk with her, change her clothes. Such games help develop imagination and fantasy, speech, fine motor skills.

Older girls can make creative videos with their dolls unpacked – they are in great demand among their peers on YouTube. Thus, they will learn self-confidence and be able to show their creative abilities and talents.

LOL Surprise Dolls

What are the benefits for the kids to play with L.O.L. Surprise Dolls? 

If they have influenced you, it is a good thing to know that there are tangible rewards:

Empathy & Compassion

Kids’ ability to understand and process emotions, such as empathy or compassion, is an essential social skill. The responsibility of caring for a doll helps children to be responsible, and it also helps them to understand others. It allows them to become compassionate people.

Social Skills

Playing with dolls strengthens social skills that kids learn in their early developmental years. Children develop a sense of empathy and cooperation when they play together. They learn to take care of one another through taking care of a doll.


Kids learn necessary social skills at a young age. They also learn responsibility. By playing with their dolls, they learn how to take good care of them. This skill can be helpful in helping children care for their pets and older ones.

For more information how kids benefit from playing with dolls please read my article Dolls and Accessories

What is the price of LOL Doll?

You may buy LOL doll for $10, or may get one for $215. Such a high price is set for dolls that include twenty surprises and beautiful accessories.

You may check online shops such as Amazon.com or LOL Surprise official store L.O.L. Surprise! for more information before you start shopping for LOL.

The Cutest L.O.L D Surprise Dolls and L.O.L accessories:

LOL Surprise Big B.B. (Big Baby) D.J. – 11″

LOL Surprise Dolls

Price on Amazon.com: $31

LOL Surprise! O.M.G. Winter Chill Big Wig Fashion Doll & Madame Queen Doll with 25 Surprises

LOL Surprise Dolls

Price on Amazon.com: $36

LOL Surprise! O.M.G. Winter Chill ICY Gurl Fashion Doll & Brrr B.B. Doll with 25 Surprises

LOL Surprise Dolls

Price on Amazon.com: $20

LOL Surprise Big B.B. (Big Baby) Kitty Queen – 11″

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise! Surprise Pets Ball Series 4

Price on Amazon.com: $37

LOL Surprise Dolls                   LOL Surprise Dolls

Price on Amazon.com: $15

LOL Surprise Present Surprise Series 3 Birthday Month Theme with 8 Surprises

LOL Surprise Dolls

Price on Amazon.com: $11

LOL Surprise Color Change Bubbly Surprise Pink with Exclusive Doll & Pet 

LOL Surprise Dolls                     LOL Surprise Dolls

Price on Amazon.com: $29

LOL Surprise Home Sweet with OMG Doll– Real Wood Doll House with 85+ Surprises

LOL Surprise Dolls

Price on Amazon.com: $199

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