Dolls and Accessories Toys: How Child Benefits from Playing With Dolls

Dolls and Accessories Toys: How Child Benefits from Playing With Dolls

Beyond just being fun, dolls support early childhood skill development in several ways.

Playing with dolls encourages children to engage in open-ended pretend play, which is vital to their development. Acting with dolls enables your child’s imagination, fine motor skills, social, emotional, and language skills.

Playing with the doll also may help a kid better understand infants in real life and prepare youngsters to be in the company of newborns without being scared or distressed by them.

Your baby needs to be allowed to play with a variety of toys and participate in diverse activities. For more information on the importance of playing with a variety of toys for appropriate growth for girls and boys, please visit  Michigan State University web site.

Be open-minded when it comes to children and play. It is very appropriate for boys to play with dolls in the house area and for girls to play with blocks and toy trucks.

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Benefits of playing with dolls:

    • Enacting kids’ life experiences and understanding of their place in the world
    • Imaginative play is vital for a child’s development
    • Learn social skills
    • Develop empathy
    • Express child’s creativity
    • Develop Motor Skills
    • Boost independence
    • Develop language skills and cognitive ability

Playing with a doll should: 

    • Improve the socialization of children and their familiarization with human values;
    • Arouse positive feelings toward family and people, and contribute to the accumulation of positive moral experience
    • Encourage children to be physically active
    • Introduce children to various objects, nature and society, science and technology, and culture.

Dolls must not:

    • Provoke the child to aggressive actions
    • Cause manifestations of cruelty with the characters of the game
    • Push to the game plots connected with immorality and violence


What Dolls and Accessories are the best at a different age?  

The options are infinite when it comes to dolls and doll accessories!

At approximately 12 months, kids are usually ready to start experimenting with role-playing. It is evident when you watch children play with dolls. Dolls can often resemble the child and allow children to express their feelings and thoughts in a safe environment.

For a child of this age to choose a doll with a primary, sturdy body and some simple clothing to dress and change. Baby of this age displays a broad range of interest in dolls; some are just interested in dolls as a problem to be solved after the clothing is off; others are fascinated by them as a source of entertainment.

Remember to consider what your kid may like most, where they are in their development while selecting a doll. Dolls often include capabilities that enable kids to customize their appearance by selecting different hair, eye, and skin tones. Some youngsters appreciate the notion of having a doll that looks like them, while others want a completely different doll.

First Dolls


If you are looking for a doll for a baby under 12 months but already interested in dolls, rag dolls make a good choice. It is machine washable and safe for babies of all ages. It is also lovely to cuddle due to the soft filling and fabrics.

Before shopping, check Manhattan Dolls and Accessories. This toy manufacturer has earned the trust of parents, producing dolls for different ages since 1978. The company also produces a wide range of accessories for Baby Stella dolls. When you buy such a doll for your child, you will not have to think about a gift for several holidays ahead. In addition to the doll, you can buy clothes, carriers and even furniture.

Baby Dolls


If your child is ready to get a gift that looks like a real baby, then I would advise you to look closely at the Baby Annabell series of dolls. For example, baby Alexander of this brand will help develop empathy and social skills in a child.

Children love rocking their baby dolls, and with this doll, their favorite activity will cause even bigger delight. After all, his eyes begin to close if he is gently rocked! A bottle is also included so a child can feed him.

Clothes are conveniently made for little hands, making it easy for a child to dress and undress their doll – another of their favorite activities at this age.

Doll with Down Syndrome


It’s good to remember that one of the most effective methods to normalize differences and promote early discussions about race in your toddler is to choose a doll that does not look precisely like them. Keep it in mind while you are out shopping for dolls.

You may look at the Baby Doll with Down Syndrome. These dolls are designed to teach children through play the critical concepts of family, coexistence, and respect for a rich diversity around them. It is good to introduce to your child different realities through play with the doll.

Lotti Dolls


Many girls begin to look at Barbie dolls at the age of about four years. A beautiful doll with soft hair and beautiful clothes does not leave girls indifferent.

But I would advise waiting a bit to buy Barbie with heels and makeup for a little girl. Especially in the world of dolls, some alternatives can successfully replace the luxurious beauty with the body of an adult woman.

I don’t discourage buying Barbie by any means, and I advise you to look at Lotti dolls. She is also adorable. The clothes and accessories are also stunning. But purely my opinion, that such a doll is more suitable for a little girl.

ZIYIUI Reborn Baby Dolls


If you want to wow your baby and your budget allows, then ZIYIUI Reborn Baby Dolls are just right. It’s just a piece of art!

When I first saw this doll, I imagined if I had such a doll as a child, and even for a moment, I had the desire to buy it for myself! The cost of this doll starts at $59. This is not surprising since all ZIYIUI dolls are handmade and looking so naturally!

It is worth considering that dolls with closed eyes do not have a mechanism for opening their eyes. A sleeping doll will always be asleep.

Dolls Sets


If you are looking for a toy to keep your baby entertained for hours, Baby Dolls Set is the perfect gift for kids aged 3+. Accessories that come with dolls will assist your baby in implementing real-life situations in the game. Your child will love to feed her doll from a bottle, change diapers and wash a doll in a bit of bath.

In addition to the joy, bathing a doll can help children afraid of water get over their fear of bathing. This is where parents need to get involved in the game, helping to bathe the doll and explaining that taking a bath can be fun.

Talking about how role-playing can help a child change their attitude toward routine daily activities that cause fear or dislike, I can’t help but mention the toy car seat for the doll!


Doll Accessories

Doll’s Car Seat


So, if you are faced with the problem of seating and buckling your child in a car seat, the toy car seat will provide you with invaluable assistance, and the child from now will love to ride in the car.

Dolls car seats are a miniature replica of a real one: seatbelts, adjustable handles, sun protection – all provided by the manufacturers. Our choice settled on Bayer Design dolls accessories. A child can carry his “baby” wherever she wants, thanks to the ergonomic handles and lightweight.

Suitable for dolls up to 18″

Doll’s Stroller


One of the favorite activities of any child is imitation. In addition to the delight that babies get from imitating adults, it is also healthy development of the child, including self-esteem and basic emotional skills. A stroller for dolls is a beautiful gift.

Especially Doll Stroller is useful for kids who will soon become big brothers and sisters! After all, they will understand what mom is doing and will eventually become your helpers when the baby arrives! You & Me Convertible Baby Doll Pram will be a good choice.

Doll Carrier


If a toy stroller for some reason does not fit into your shopping list of doll accessories (little storage space or the cost of the toy), a doll carrier can be a good alternative. It performs the same functions of child development through imitation. In addition to the doll, the child can carry his favorite plush toy.

This well-made GAGAKU Baby Dolls’ dolls’ carrier can be worn in three different ways: with the doll facing in, facing out, or worn on the back. Both shoulder and waist straps are adjustable to accommodate children of varying ages.

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