How to choose the best trampoline for kids 2021

How to choose the best trampoline for kids 2021

The role of sports in kids’ life is crucial and directly related to their health. Exercising from an early age, kids grow more robust and more resilient, their body copes well with illnesses, and colds occur less often.

Exercising is good for the child’s immune system, it helps feeling and look better.  It is clear for many parents why exercising is an advantage for children, but sometimes it is hard to decide what type of exercise equipment kids can use . Depending on your child’s age and development millstone, you need to consider features and safety of kids’ fitness equipment.

Outddor exercising is the best activity for your child, and in my opinion the trampoline as the number one kid’s outdoor equipment.

What is the Trampoline for Kids?

A trampoline is a piece of fitness equipment for jumping upwards, consisting of a net or fabric, tightly stretched on a solid frame or an air cushion. It is specially designed for significant dynamic loads, and each of the elements is characterized by high strength characteristics.

A trampoline is an excellent tool for the physiological development of the child’s body and a fun activity for kids of all ages. For little fidgeters, it is a great way to release excess energy. It benefits children and adults who want to keep fit and get rid of extra pounds.

The scope of trampolines is broad: from children’s mini trampolines to the simulator for cosmonauts training. Trampolines are used for training athletes (acrobatics, gymnastics, diving, etc.) and the entertainment of children and adults. Buying a trampoline will allow your children to develop their physical data and relieve fatigue, stress, and weight loss.

Trampolines are for indoor and outdoor activities.

Health Benefits From Jumping on a Trampoline for Kids

    • stabilize the cardiovascular system and blood circulation;
    • improve emotional state;
    • help get rid of toxins faster;
    • enhance coordination and own body control;
    • develop the vestibular apparatus;
    • increase endurance;
    • improve all metabolic processes in the body;
    • train many muscle groups (especially the back, abs, legs, and buttocks).

best trampoline for kids 2021

Exercises on a trampoline will always be beneficial to health. The trampoline provides everything that can give any other kind of aerobic activity – strengthen heart and lungs, develop muscles.

This fitness equipment is top-rated among fitness enthusiasts for a great reason: just 8 minutes of training can replace 3 km of running! At the same time, you do not feel tired, but on the contrary, feel a rush of strength and positive energy!

While jumping, the kid can enjoy an incredible feeling of flight and lightness to get a charge of positive emotions. Jumping on it is not dull at all – “hormones of happiness” enter the blood with each new jump! Kids can perform any movements that come to their mind: bounces, flips, runs – everything will be beneficial.

How to Choose the Right Trampoline for Kids?

It is necessary to clearly define for yourself for what purposes you are going to purchase it. Also, it would help if you considered several critical criteria such as play area, safety, and maximum weight load.

It is preferred to get a trampoline for a child with special protective fencing – walls that exclude the possibility of falling from the trampoline and, therefore, injuries. Children’s trampolines for young kids under four years should have as many safety features as possible. It is desirable to have a special entrance (climbing) fixed with Velcro or rivets. Maximum allowable weight for kids’ trampolines should be specified on the packaging and the trampoline’s technical documentation. Rubberized trampolines made of durable PVC, as a rule, can withstand up to 50-60 kg. Consequently, only 1-2 children of the same age can jump on trampoline, but no more.

The following safety features are mandatory for children’s inflatable trampolines:

    • safe and non-toxic materials;
    • safe design;
    • the strength of the frame and completing elements
    • age-appropriate

Chek out The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission HERE for more informaiton about Trampolines Safety.

Many parents believe that the more substantial and safer models of trampolines should be made of metal. This opinion is erroneous. The child’s safety on the trampoline depends on compliance with the rules and safety while using this equipment. Children must be supervised by a resposnsible adult at all times!

VGMiu 60″ Trampoline

best trampoline for kids 2021

The sturdy 60-diameter trampoline, updated in 2021, will be a real gift for your child. The trampoline is suitable for both outdoor and indoor play. The legs of this trampoline feature large suction cups that will protect your floor from scratches and help protect against jolting sounds when your child jumps on it. Springs are covered with pads which maximize safety of your child.

Jumo pad is UV resistant. The double-layer reinforcement helps avoid damaging the safety net, so your child won’t fall out while playing under any circumstances. Another important point is the sturdy pads on the frame, ensuring that children’s hands and feet will be protected from getting caught in the crevices.

A basketball hoop and a set of 10 colored balls are included. Everything you need for fun competitions!

LANGXUN 5ft Panda Trampoline

best trampoline for kids 2021

This fantastic panda trampoline will be a perfect gift for both a boy and a girl! And the funny shape will become a decoration of any backyard or kids’ room.

Safety always comes first for the LANGXUN brand trampoline manufacturer. That is why all steel pipes supporting the safety net are overed with PVC sleeves so that the child will not be injured stucking in the gap or touching the springs.

Note that manufacturers of large trampolines are increasingly using U-shaped support structures. The reason for this is that this design is more stable and less prone to overturning.

ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

 best trampoline for kids 2021

If you are looking for something smaller or more straightforward than previous models, ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use will be the perfect solution.

First of all, it is easy to assemble and compact in size. Such a trampoline is easy to carry or to fold when it is not needed.

I would recommend this trampoline to older children, who can already control the coordination. By the way, trampolines of these models have a handle to hold.

Jump2It Trampoline

best trampoline for kids 2021

Two kids can use the trampoline at the same time. Its unique shape (56 x 35 inches) allows children to jump face-to-face. The handlebar is padded and adjustable in height from 24.5 to 35 inches.

We love that this trampoline can be moved indoors or outdoors. This trampoline is great for young children who are active and can be moved indoors or outdoors. It weighs only 29 pounds and is easy to transport.

For indoor and outdoor use.

Kanchimi Mini Trampolines for Toddlers

best trampoline for kids 2021

Kanchimi’s PE safety net is superior to other trampolines for children. It can prevent them from being injured or falling. To provide complete safety and protection for children, the six steel pipes are encased in thick columnar foam.

The toddler trampoline features 30 durable elastic ropes that are more flexible than traditional springs. They are great for protecting the bones of children. The trampoline’s jumping performance is enhanced by the upgraded PP jumping mat.

Unique zipper door design makes it easy for children to enter and exit the trampoline. It provides safety and protection for the child while he or she is on the trampoline. The trampoline’s 48-inch super large size allows for enough space to allow the child to have fun.

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