The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Summer is here, and it’s probably the best time to choose the best outdoor toys for kids activities! Warm and sunny days are the best time for spending time outdoor, when kids can have hours of fun in the backyard while improving their health and immune system!

Here is the list of the best outdoor toys for different age that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Sand and Water Tables

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

It’s no surprise that this is number one activity in our list for toddlers. Water tables can be found in almost all online and offline shops, but we suggest choosing a water table with a sandbox. Thus, you get two useful toys for development for the price of one. You can actively encourage your children to splash around and make a mess – it will delight your child for sure! Activities like scooping, building and digging assist in the development of gross motor skills.

Before you start choosing the best sand and water toy for your kid, there are few things to consider:

  • Age and abilities of your child.
  • Sand and water table must fit kid’s height .
  • Materials. Remember that all outdoor toys should be made of high-quality materials that can

resist to sun exposure and wetness.

Sand and Water Table outdoor toys are suitable for kids from 18 months old.

Step2 Fiesta Cruise Sand & Water Table with Umbrella

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

The play table has two sides for sand and water play, making it great for the whole family! Dig down into the sand at the poolside to discover hidden treasures for your small ones to enjoy.

The sand and water table has a fun nautical design with a cover that is designed like a cruise ship!

The sand on the play table may weigh up to 40 pounds.

UNIH Outdoor Water Table

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Having a 2 in 1 sand and the water table is a must-have for all toddlers. They may play water and sand together while using various beach molds and castle building kits to construct their fortifications. It is possible to enhance children’s imagination and creativity with this sand playset.

Ride-on toys

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Ride-on toys will help your child to have hours of fun through imaginative play. Kids are thrilled imagining themselves as police officers on a toy that has police colors on it, or as construction workers on a tractor-truck, or a beautiful princess in a carriage. There are so many different options available in that are suitable for all ages and kids’ preferences.

So what are the advantages of ride-on toys?

First of all, they are great for developing independence. In order to move, the kids has to make an effort with their uper body. Of course, for the first time it is not superfluous to demonstrate your little one how it works by pushing the toy when your child is riding it. After some training, your kid will be able to analyze the situation and mechanism that leads to making own decisions.

Secondly, it is the best fun for active children and the best fitness equipment for lower body.

Ride-on toys will be perfect for kids from 1 year and up to 10 years old!

Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

iPlay iLearn Bouncy Pals Yellow Hopping Horse

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021



The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

One of the best outdoor toys that form your kids’ healthy habits from a young age and improve coordination and balance while playing – is scooter.

This outdoor toy is an awesome way to keep your kids on a fresh air for hours and develop strong muscles. For parents, it’s a godsend, because you won’t have to convince anymore your child to go with you to the store or for a walk. Your child will be very happy to accompany you as with scooter any distance will be fun.

Scooters are available for the kids of different ages.

SKIDEE Kick Scooters for Kids, Ages 3-5

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Gotrax KX5 Kick Scooter, 3 Adjustable Heights and 5″ Flashing Wheels Kids Scooter, Ages 4 -9

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Sidewalk Chalk

Is it possible to encourage a child a love of art through play, while developing communication and fine motor skills in the fresh air? And our answer is YES! Sidewalk chalk also is an awesome tool to teach your kids coloring and writing. You can get invoved in the play and encourage your kid to learn alphabet by writing kid’s name, or teach youngers to learn cloros in a fun way.

Another great game that you can introduce to your kiddos with sidewalk chalk is classic hopscotch. Draw it for your kids, create a competition and even play with all the family in your backyard! If you are not familiar with this game, visit Horizon Education Centers for more information.

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk, 136 pieces

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Golf toys

As you may probably have noticed, all outdoor toys in our list is related to a physcial activity. Golf toys would be a perfect option for the kids that don’t like high-intensity activity. It doesn’t mean that golf is less usefull for your child. It sill provides cardiovascular exercise that has numeruos benefits to a growing body. In addition, golf develops hand-eye coordination.

I can’t help but mention that golf is the sport of successful people and people who appreciate and love the beautiful scenery of nature. Do you still have doubts about buying a toy golf set this summer?

TOMYOU Kids Golf Toy Set – Golf Cart with Hitting Mat

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Betheaces Kids Toys Golf 

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Tree Climbing Sets

After Golf Toys, these toys looks more like risky outdoor play activity. However, this is absolute number one outdoor activity to develop concentration, problem-solving skills, body flexibility and balance. I won’t list physical benefits , as I am sure its clear that it develops physical strength perfectly.

If you have a solid tree in your backyard, it’s time to buy tree climbing set. For younger children, the best option for an introduction to climbing would be Climbing Rope Tree Swing or Hanging Ladder.

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

For older and more experienced kids you may look for a full Ninja Tree Climbing Sets, that are available in online shops. Recently I’ve seen sets that has climbing rocks holds, monkey bars, rope ladder, ring wheel – everything that your super active kid needs in the summertime!

It is adviced to supervise children at all times in such activity.

Hyponix 16 Tree Climbing Kit – 16 Rock Climbing Holds, 8 Ratchets

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021


Probably you are well aware of all benefits that provides imaginative play. Social skills and creative thinking are essential in your kids’ development. A playhouse is the best outdoor toy that can handle these tasks.

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

There is an endless choice of playhouses for different ages, family budget and area of the backyard. For the toddlers older than 3 years old you can look for an Intlatable Bounce House that also consists of climbing wall, jumping area and balls pool. For this age is can be a good and not expensive solution both for indoor and outdoor play. But keep in mind that such a purchase will not last long. As soon as the child grows up, he may become uninterested in it.

If you prefer something that is a long-term investment, the best option would be a wooden playhouse.

KidKraft Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse with Picnic Table

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

The Best Summer Outdoor Toys for Kids 2021

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