Best Musical Toys for Babies and Toddlers 2021

Best Musical Toys for Babies and Toddlers 2021

It is essential to include music and musical toys in your baby’s life to encourage their imagination and develop creativity. 

Surely you have noticed how your baby’s eyes light up when she hears her favorite tunes, or your toddler gets up and dances around the room when he hears a favorite song from a cartoon.

When it comes to sensory development, hearing is one of the most important, and babies like listening to melodies, rhythms, and beats just as much as we do.

Musical toys may assist your infant or toddler with various developmental tasks, ranging from creativity and language development to memory and emotional intelligence, among other things. Music can help you to calm a crying infant or lift the mood of a grumpy toddler.

There are many ways where parents can incorporate musical toys into their daily life as a great approach to make the routine more pleasant and entertaining. A cheerful song in the morning will help lift your baby’s mood and indicate playtime, while a gentle lullaby will soothe before sleep time. In addition, it is proven that your baby can sleep better if you play soft Mozart. It can boost mental development and increase the quality of your baby’s sleep. Soft Mozart promotes psychological well-being and helps to relax the baby’s nervous system.

Furthermore, as your child grows older, musical toys may become a lot more interactive experience. Toddlers enjoy learning via musical play, including singing and rhyming together and creating their music and rhythms. As an example, you might use the tune from one of your toddler’s favorite songs to compose a new song about an activity your baby does during the daily routine.


How to Choose the Best Musical Toys for your Baby and Toddler?

There are two types of musical toys – toys that play music and musical toys instruments. There is no particular advice on which one is better – both have educational and developmental benefits. First of all, consider your child’s unique preferences whether your little one enjoys just listen to a piece of music or likes to create noise physically.

Safety comes foremost with any product you choose for your little one. If you are looking for a plastic toy, make sure it is non-toxic, BPA, phthalates, and PVC-free.

If someone in your family plays musical instruments, consider purchasing a tool for your child to match. They’ll be thrilled to get the opportunity to jam with the grown-ups in their lives!

Look for volume control while shopping for a musical toy.

Always consider the age when choosing toys for kids, not only musical. Each toy should complement the natural development of your child.


What are the benefits of musical toys? 

Music offers many developmental advantages for babies and toddlers.

In the first place, musical toys help children improve their cognitive and sensory skills and encourage critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. According to research, infants and toddlers exposed to music outperform their peers in speaking, listening, language, and reading skills.

Musical toys may also play an essential part in the development of patience and the encouragement of self-expression. For kids, learning to master a new skill takes time and effort. It is a crucial developmental milestone. When infants play with baby musical toys, they have the chance to express their emotions.

Musical toys may help to relieve the frustration they experience when they are unable to express themselves verbally.

Varieties of children’s musical instruments


The group includes a drum, a triangle, tambourines, a xylophone. These instruments develop the vestibular apparatus and a sense of rhythm. Suitable for children from 1 year old. At this age, it would be appropriate to buy a tambourine in the form of a rattle, as they are very comfortable for babies to hold in their hands. Xylophones will charm your baby with their sonorous, fairy-tale sound.

A drum is a great first percussion instrument. When your little one is just getting familiar with it, at the age of a year or so, offer her a “Developmental Drum” without sticks to avoid injury – the rhythm can be beaten with hands, show her how you do it, and offer to repeat it. Or you can use a regular drum for this while removing the sticks. When a child grows up, she will already be able to beat to the beat of a playing piece – it is only a matter of budget when choosing a drum, the play on which will please your baby for more than one year.

Percusion musical toys can are suitable for babies aged 6 months

Photo 40591044 © Oksun70 |
© Oksun70 |


The most versatile musical instruments, well develop hands and coordination between them, fine motor skills are keyboard instruments. Due to the wide variety of keyboard musical toys, you can choose a piano for an even for a one-year-old kid. In this case, the piano has wide keys. Models for older children are similar in appearance to an adult instrument, but with a more intricate design (for example, with lights);

The popularity of children’s pianos is due to the ability to stimulate fine motor skills. After all, when children press the piano keys, tactile contact and touch perceive materials, shapes, convexities, and bumps of the toy. Pressing the piano keys also contributes to the development of the hand and strengthens the joints of the child’s tiny fingers.


Excellent for the development of fine motor skills and motor coordination because the sounds are reproduced from the strings’ vibrations, which the baby touches with his fingers and pulls away with a certain intensity and force. The band includes guitar, violin, and cymbal.

Suitable for three years and up.

Baby Playing Guitar © Katrina Trninich |
Baby Playing Guitar © Katrina Trninich |


Playing the guitar is an excellent activity for children. It helps develop a sense of tact and rhythm and shapes the child’s musical ear and memory. Acquaintance with the children’s guitar can be from the earliest years. Such a toy allows you to splash out emotions, which children have a lot. It is noisy, loud, and, most importantly, enjoyable.

6 Best Musical Toys Review Age-by-Age

Vosego Amadeus Mozart Virtuoso Bear

For those wanting to get started with Mozart’s musical heritage, Amadeus is a great place to start. Amadeus is a way for you and your baby to enjoy the most influential classical music composer’s work, even if you cannot play the instruments. Amadeus’s plush bear features 40 minutes of classical music.

Amadeus has a pocket-sized copy of Mozart’s autobiography. It gives a brief overview of the composer and the musical pieces while at the same time explaining the titles. Read a composer’s biography before bed to learn about the history of music.

Whether your baby is active or asleep, you will be able to adjust the volume to your needs. Newborns’ volume range falls within safety requirements. Please keep in mind that infants less than three years of age may have only the necessary volume to meet safety standards. With one button to control all functions, you only need to press it.

I think this is the best musical toy gift for your little.

Recommended age: 1 month and up

There is another way to introduce your baby to a world of music. For more information, please read my post about baby’s and toddler’s activity centers.

Hape Baby Drum

This versatile drum supports a wide range of playing styles for your child. As toddlers are fond of doing, your child may have many ways to interact with this toy. To cater to this, we made one drum that can do it all. Each colored circle in the drum can emit a different sound and produce a different colored light when pounded. When the drum is rolled, it projects beautiful and soothing lights and music.

Learning how to play the drums will help your toddler recognize and understand different sounds and rhythms. Every single drum note is original.

Moving certain parts of the drum toy will make it emit different colors and sounds, encouraging your kid to move. Hand and eye coordination and ear to hand coordination will be significantly improved by doing this activity.

Recommended Age: 6 months and up

Chriffer Wooden Musical Instruments Set

No harmful water paint or chemical smell was found in this natural wooden musical toy set, including shaking, tapping, beating, and blowing instruments.

With this toy instrument set, children’s senses of sight, hearing, and touch are stimulated. It will help develop the children’s ability to hear music, discern the rhythm, and enhance their creativity and musical interests.

Using different instruments, the kids can hear a variety of sounds. Through playing with toys, exercising the baby’s brainpower, and enhancing the relationship with parents, this activity nurtures interaction between parents and children. If you’re talking about a wooden musical instrument set from Chriffer, then it’s the best early learning educational toy you’ve ever seen. It’s also a good choice for Christmas or someone’s birthday.

Fifteen eco-friendly wooden musical instruments are the best gift for any toddler.

Recommended Age: 6 months and up

Hape Rainbow Xylophone

Rainbow-colored xylophone, the perfect musical toy, and gift for your child’s budding musician! The non-slip, musical-note-themed musical instrument features a rainbow-colored design.

The Hope rainbow xylophone is a creative learning musical toy that encourages creativity, fine motor skills, and artistic expression in children.

You can explore music using this bright xylophone. Each colored bar has a different sound that can be made by striking the sticks. This wooden musical toy offers hours and hours of entertainment for your little one.

Non-toxic, safe, and non-toxic educational toy for children. This rainbow-colored xylophone comes with non-toxic paints. The durable wood construction ensures that this toy will last for years.

Recommended age: 12 months +

JUYOUNGA 2 in 1 Music Jam Play Mat

For me, it was the most fantastic find. As a mom of two, I’m always looking for ways to involve my daughters in one game, despite the age difference. This musical toy embodied all of my efforts.

The product includes “drums” and “piano keyboard,” as well as a mat that allows two people to interact and perform at the same time.

Another huge advantage is that kids can play with hands as well as by stepping on them. I think many parents will understand. My super active girls are always looking for ways to play with the toy in different ways. Many toys ended up having to be thrown away because of misuse.

The good purpose of this music mat is to help toddlers achieve their physical fitness goals.

Vigorous pressing is not required to acquire tactile sensing; it is a good choice for toddlers and grown-up kids.

Folding it allows you to store it in a drawer or drawer box. It doesn’t take up much space and is simple to store.

Recommended age: 3 years and up

L P Kids Karaoke Machine

If your child prefers to sing instead of playing instruments, the karaoke machine will be the best musical toy for kids ages five and up. Most of these musical toys and built-in melodies also have sound effects and even a voice change function.

Another advantage of karaoke machines – you can connect the toy to your phone so that your child can sing along to their favorite rhymes and songs. The microphone has a recording function so that the child can listen to their performance after. And the design of the karaoke machines with bright changing light effects will help your child feel like a rock star.

Good news! It has volume control! 🙂

Recommended age: 3 years and up.

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