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Guide on Best Hoverboards for Kids in 2023

The hoverboard is probably the most popular thing among children of different ages. Accordingly, many parents wonder at what age a child can ride a hoverboard. Before we figure out what age a kid can be given this cherished gift, let’s figure out together how it works, and let’s break down the most common questions parents have about this popular device. 

What is Hoverboard?

A hoverboard is an electric means of transportation based on a self-balancing system. This system allows you to ride smoothly and only partially hold the balance. The hoverboard itself understands where to go, and itself keeps a person in an even position.

All this is done through gyroscopes, and special sensors, and electric motors that physically keep a person and a hoverboard platform parallel to the ground. The hoverboard is the perfect vehicle for a small town. In many even large cities, some people use a hoverboard as a complete means of transportation to get to work, school, or another place.

Some models can accelerate up to 20 km / h and travel up to 12 miles on one charge. There is a vast selection of hoverboards by wheel size. There are as big off-roaders with 10-inch wheels and hoverboards for kids with 4.5-inch wheels. Also, the hoverboard is an environmentally friendly means of transportation, without harmful emissions and fumes.

The Best Hoverboards for Kids in 2023

The Segway S-Plus is the most powerful and durable Segway on the list of the best hoverboards. With its 400-watt twin motor, it can reach speeds of 12.5 mph without any problems. One battery charge is enough to go up to 22 miles, depending on the terrain. A bonus is that your kid won’t need to charge this Segway regularly because of its quality lithium-ion battery. The Smart Battery Management System ensures the safety of the battery and increases the battery’s life.

The maximum load of this beautiful device is rated at 220 pounds, which will allow you to ride yourself (after you put the kids to bed or send them to a friend’s birthday party).

The use of a knee control bar allows for more precise steering and lifting. The 11″ pneumatic tires provide a more comfortable and smooth ride than other tires on bumpy roads.

Now let’s move on to the options that are missing on the more budget-friendly hoverboards.

Auto-follow mode and the remote control allow controlling the device with the handle or the joystick on the multi-functional remote with the intelligent chip. When the kids are not riding and need their hands free, they can use the follow mode to have S-Plus follow them around. These functions turn the Segway into an almost hand-held robot!

Download the Segway app to take advantage of features such as anti-theft functionality, speed limit and adjustment, vehicle self-diagnosis, adjustable ambient lights, firmware upgrade, battery status monitoring, vehicle remote control, and more.

This is the best of the best hoverboards for kids!


Best Hoverboards for Kids 2022

A stereo surround sound music experience, an excellent RGB LED design with color lights, and music are all made possible by the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology. The color of the led lights will change in response to the volume change of the music, providing you with a colorful and energizing experience.

The UL2272 Certified hoverboard and the UL2271 Certified Lithium battery, both of which have been tested for up to 1,000 charges, comply with all applicable safety regulations in the United States. The possession of an invention patent ensures a high-quality and safe riding experience—quality and safety are guaranteed.

Acceleration sensors and a professional hoverboard complete the package. In addition, Advanced Mainboard Program ensures the stability of the riding experience for users and assists your children in going wherever they want to go on their scooter.

Electric that self-balances and is safe for beginners and amateurs to operate. Whether or not there is a rider on it, it will remain level with the ground, making it easier to ride.

The best hoverboards for kids in terms of value.


The Uni-Sun hoverboard is every bit as durable as it appears. Because of its dual 300-watt hub, motors have a top speed of 9 miles per hour and a range of 9 miles.

Parents express their delight at how simple it is to ride. The board is equipped with two technologies that assist riders in maintaining their balance and taking turns without falling off. It is equipped with two sturdy wheels that contribute to the overall stability of the unit.

LED lights and speakers are among the entertaining features, which contribute to an overall enjoyable experience.

Irrespective of whether you live in the countryside or enjoy weekend excursions, this hoverboard is well worth checking out. The Irrespective of whether you live in the countryside or enjoy weekend excursions, this hoverboard is well worth checking out. The Gyroor Warrior hoverboard is designed to be used off-road in off-road situations. With large, durable tires and a tough exterior, it outperforms the competition in durability and resilience.

Parents appreciate that the board can withstand even the roughest of children’s play when it comes to dependability. It is equipped with powerful dual motors, which allow the hoverboard to reach speeds of 9.95 miles an hour. It ranges up to 9.5 miles on the highway, though it is a little less when traveling off-road.

Still, it’s an excellent hoverboard that both children and adults will find enjoyable to ride on. It is capable of towing a load of up to 265 pounds. Warrior hoverboard is designed to be used off-road in off-road situations. With large, durable tires and a tough exterior, it outperforms the competition in durability and resilience.

This SISIGAD Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter, which features a graffiti-inspired design, is one of the best hoverboards available for the money. Just because it costs less than $140 does not rule out the possibility of competing with the other hoverboards on this list. The price makes it even more appealing because it is so affordable. Furthermore, it has a top speed of nine miles per hour. Those who are just getting started on their hoverboard journey will find this self-balancing hoverboard to be an excellent choice.

The high-quality rubber tires on the hoverboard’s 6.5-inch wheels will provide your children with a smooth ride. Every time your child uses their hoverboard, they will be safe thanks to the non-slip and shock-absorbing pedals.

Like the Tomoloo Music-Rythmed Hoverboard, this hoverboard comes equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to your child’s portable devices quickly and conveniently. They can listen to their favorite music or audiobook with ease thanks to this feature.

Like the other hoverboards on this list, this product is lighted by LED lights in a variety of vibrant colors. Keep an eye on your children as they zoom around on their new toy at dusk and into the evening.

The best hoverboards for kids with cool design.

What factors led us to choose this particular brand and model? For starters, Swagtron was the first hoverboard to be certified with the Ul2272 safety standard. However, this hoverboard for kids has something that no other hoverboard for kids on this list does: a variety of operating modes. It has both a training mode and a standard mode to choose from.

The Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 is capable of operating in two modes: learning mode and standard mode. As a result, it is an excellent choice for beginners as well as young children. This mode allows you to control your rider’s speed until they (and you) are comfortable enough to attempt to reach the maximum speed of eight miles per hour on the bike.

An innovative flame-resistant frame and hard shell design are included in the hoverboard’s design, along with safe stop technology and a new innovative Battery Management System.

Reviewers have stated that it performs admirably and charges quickly, with a charge that lasts for several hours. Others have stated that they enjoy their Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 and that it performs admirably indoors. Not a single disappointment can be found.

Razor is well-known as a global leader in electric recreational products, created this intelligent self-balancing scooter. It is capable of reaching a top speed of nine miles per hour.

‘EverBalance Technology’ is incorporated into the Razor Hovertrax Prizma. When getting on the hoverboard, this makes for a safer and easier mounting experience and a smoother ride. The ability to balance will never again be a concern for you or your child. It works whether you’re indoors or out, racing, commuting, or just cruising around the neighborhood!

In addition to a cool-blue LED light bar, fender bumpers, and a battery power indicator, this hoverboard includes a charging port so you can always know when it’s time to recharge your hoverboard.

According to parents’ feedback, the ride is smooth and sputter-free, making it an excellent choice for a hoverboard. Children all over the world will enjoy hours of entertainment thanks to its sturdy construction and long lifespan.

LED lights on the 6.5-inch wheel, as well as an LED front light. The hoverboard is made even more extraordinary by the LED lights that are mounted on the wheels. For night riding, an LED front light provides a more secure guarantee.

The hoverboard’s built-in Bluetooth can be easily and quickly connected to portable devices in as little as two seconds! The built-in speaker provides astonishingly good sound quality. Children can listen to music or audiobooks while riding without earphones.

The American UL2272 certification, as well as the safety and reliability tests, were passed. The hoverboard is exceptionally controllable, and the speed will not be changed violently or become out of control while riding it. The improved self-balancing system makes it easier for children to maintain hoverboard balance and speed.

The most appropriate toy to accompany a child’s development. Children can learn quickly and gain control over it in a short period of time.


Key Features

Model Max Wieght Max Speed Max Range UL2272
Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart 220 pounds 12 mph 22 miles Yes
Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard 220 pounds 7 mph 7.4 miles Yes
Uni-Sun Hoverboard for Kids 264 pounds 9 mph 9 miles Yes
Gyroor Warrior Off-Road Hoverboard 265 pounds 9.95 mph 9.5 miles Yes
Sisigad Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter 200 pounds 6 mph 6 to 9 miles Yes
Swagtron Swagboard Warrior XL Off-Road Hoverboard 270 pounds 8 mph 12 miles Yes
Razor Hovertrax Prizma Hoverboard 176 pounds 9 mph 8 miles Yes
Lieagle Self-Balancing Scooter Hoverboard 264 pounds 8 mph 6 miles Yes

FAQ About Hoverboards

At what age can a child ride a hoverboards?


Here everything depends on the model itself and several parameters and characteristics. As you probably already know, there are several classes of hoverboards for kids. The first class has the smallest 4.5-inch wheels and is only for small children. Usually, these gyro boards are small and compact in size, and light in weight, so kids can carry them by themselves.

Here it all depends on the individual model, as well as on the weight of your kid. It is from the minimum permissible weight and depends on whether a kid can or cannot ride. If the kid is tiny and weighs too little, the hoverboard will likely shake when the kid gets up on it. It’s just that the mechanism of this device may not recognize that a person is standing on it.

All of this has to do with the setup of the system and the gyro sensors. The sensitivity is adjusted to react to a certain weight. If the sensitivity is too low, the hoverboard will behave inadequately. Mostly the recommended age starts at 8 years old.

However, first of all you should assess the real physical development of your children. Are they athletic, or are they prone to balance-related failures? Do they differ in hand-eye coordination? Can they make sound spatial judgments? Based on this assessment, you need to decide if your kid is ready for hoverboard.

Some people advise buying models where you can specifically reduce the sensitivity of the sensors and then your kid can ride, but to do this, in any case, is not recommended. It is better to buy a model specifically for your kid. Before you buy a hoverboard, look at the minimum permitted load.

There are also hoverboard models 6.5 inches. These models are also great for small children, and more expensive models can be suitable for both kids and adults. But the cheaper models are only suitable for children from 6-7 years because the inexpensive models do not install expensive gyroscopes.

Is a hoverboard dangerous for children?


No more than a bike or rollerblades! In this case, none of the young riders is particularly afraid to fly into roadside bushes or get a couple of abrasions on a traditional transport, so there will be no problems here too. Remember only three rules:

– Always wear protection – helmet, elbow pads, kneepads, gloves;

– Choose new hoverboards from trusted stores.

– Older (released earlier than 2015) or fake models have a two-board or single-board balancing system. Due to the low performance of the boards, a hoverboard does not respond as clearly to commands, hangs up at the wrong moment, which can cause a kid to fall.

What is better for a kid – Segway or Hoverboard?

By the way, many parents wonder what is better for the kid – a segway or a hoverboard? Segway, strictly speaking, is the same as a hoverboard, only with a handle. So the only question is to determine whether a kid can keep the balance without it, that’s all.

What to look for when choosing a hoverboard?

Choosing an electric vehicle, you should, first of all, take into account the frequency of its use. It makes no sense to buy an expensive device if a child, as you assume, will ride it a couple of times and throw it. Instead, if your child uses it 3-4 times a week, it is better to prefer a more reliable, durable model.


Safety is a top priority when it comes to hoverboards. They do have a history of overheating and causing a risk of fire. For those sold in the U.S., the government has strict regulations.

“According to the CPSC, “Hoverboards should be compliant with the UL 2272 safety standard.” For more information about UL2272 Certification please click HERE

To guarantee the safety of your hoverboard, look for UL 2272 certification. This ensures that the risk of fire or battery explosion is significantly reduced. The best hoverboards for kids are UL2272 Certified. Do not buy hoverboard for your kid without this certification.

Always check for a Safety Certifications before buying any kind of hoverboard, electric scooter or other devices.


Choosing a hoverboard, pay attention to the material the body is made of. The older the child will become, the greater will be the load on the vehicle.

Therefore, the hoverboard must withstand it. Regardless of the manufacturer, the body of the platform is always made of plastic. The only difference is its strength. Manufacturers usually use HIPS or PS. HIPS is characterized by high impact resistance and is preferable for the hoverboard. Before buying a hoverboard for your child, ensure that it is made of HIPS.

Wheel diameter

One of the key characteristics is the diameter of the hoverboard wheels because it determines the maximum load and speed of the electric vehicle. The following diameters are the most popular:

– 4.5-inches. Models with such wheels are designed for small children. Such models have no shock absorbers, which makes it impossible to ride out on an uneven road – they can break. Devices with such diameter of wheels can reach speeds of up to 4 miles per hour.

– 6.5-inches. This diameter is the most popular because it is excellent for beginners and gives more incredible speed than the previous version – from 6 to 9 miles per hour.

– 8-inches. On a hoverboard with these wheels, a child can ride on uneven surfaces and grass. The maximum speed can reach up to 12 miles per hour, but often it is not more than 9 miles per hour.

– 10-inches. Hoverboards with these wheels are characterized by higher shock absorption compared to previous models. On this electric vehicle, a child can move on any road surface. The speed of hoverboards with these wheels exceeds 12 miles per hour.

The older a child is, the bigger should be the diameter of their hoverboard wheels. A 6.5-inch wheels device is suitable for an 8-12-year-old child, and a teenager is better to buy a model with a wheel diameter of at least 10 inches.

Minimum load

The maximum load is not very important when choosing one for a kid, as it is always outside children’s weight – 220-264 lbs.

When choosing an electric transport for a child, the minimum load is more important – if the kid weighs less than the minimum weight indicated by the manufacturer, the hoverboard will not feel it and will not move from its place.


Hoverboard speed depends not only on the diameter of the wheels but also on the motor power. More suitable for children are hoverboards up to 500 watts. Such hoverboards minimize the injury hazard. A teenager should consider a hoverboard, whose power starts at 700 watts. Also, some manufacturers may limit the speed of their vehicles programmatically, so check with your vendor to see how much speed the device can accelerate.


The battery capacity determines the duration of operation of the device. However, when buying, you should pay attention to the numbers and the manufacturer. As a rule, hoverboards set the battery, which suffices for 12 mph, but it all depends on the child’s weight.

The smaller it is, the less it is necessary to charge the device.

Additional functions

Hoverboards are equipped with a variety of additional functions. Among them:

– Indicator showing the level of battery charge. Its presence makes it possible to avoid an unexpected discharge of electric transport.

– Automatic stopping in case of malfunction and improper operation.

– Built in Bluetooth-speakers. Allows kids to listen to music on the road from an external device equipped with Bluetooth (tablet or smartphone).

– LED lights (parking lights), necessary for riding at night.

– USB port, which will be needed to recharge mobile devices from the vehicle’s battery.

Most of these options do not play a role when riding, but if you want to give a hoverboard to a child 8-12 years, all these features will please him. For children under the age of 8, you can buy a model with a minimal set of features.


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