Best Building Toys 2021

Best Building Toys 2021

Very few toys for kids can offer the same benefits that building toys do.

One of the most essential areas of play involves constructing structures using a variety of construction toys. It is a valuable creative and educational experience for boys and girls of all ages and adults.

Compared to other toy categories, the construction toy provides the most open-ended opportunities for children to design and create imaginative structures.

Playing with a variety of creative building tools made of different materials (such as wooden materials or manufactured) is essential for the development of fine and gross motor skills and the growth of eye-hand coordination. Building self-confidence through play with building and innovative products is another benefit of building toys.

Building toys are beneficial for kids of all ages.

Here the approximate stages of block play according to kids’ age:

12-18 months:

At this age, your toddler probably will be able to stack three blocks on top of each other. Your toddler will have to align the blocks on top of each other to balance. When a child built the tower, he should release the block at the correct time so that it doesn’t tumble.

18-22 months:

A four-block tower might be constructed by toddlers between 18 and 22 months of age. At this point, putting together a building with your or your child’s friends or siblings can be a delightful challenge, and knocking it down is often a satisfying way to celebrate the accomplishment.

23 months – 26 months:

A child can start aligning blocks at around 23-26months old by following your lead and lining up a series of blocks in a row. It is a skill your toddler will learn, and it requires precision. It takes patience and practice to imitate the row of blocks you have shown them (make sure they see it).

3+ years:

The creativity and imagination of children’s block play increase as they reach the age of three. Building bridges, archways, tunnels, and other more elaborate structures may be the first thing they begin to do. They will also begin to arrange the blocks into groups and create sarroundings of the buildings. It is good if your child start to tell stories about what they’re building and act out scenes from their own life due to this experience.

Play Tips: get the most of building toys

Participate in kids’ activities.

Participating in yourself not only great fun and parent-bonding moments, but it helps to engage your kids. A demonstration what to do is a great way to help your kids learn more quickly.

Offer your kids a joint building project with their friends.

Building co-operation with other kids develops better social skills and interactions with other children. On top of that, it’s a great pastime and friendship-boosting.

Use toys while playing with blocks.

Other toys, such as people and cars, inspire children for construction projects and encourage them to engage in pretend play that reflects real-life scenarios.

Combining block play with story-time is the winning combination.

Children more encouraged to pretend play after reading stories. It inspires children to build new things.

Main Benefits of Constructive Play:


Best Building Toys

Dexterity and hand-eye coordination

While playing, a child is improving their hand-eye coordination by learning how to control their hands and fingers movement and the relationship between touch and sight. Involving your child in the process of picking up blocks and placing them on the structure or connecting interlocking pieces, they will gain an understanding of how what they see is related to their movement.

Problem Solving and Thinking Skills

Different construction toys can help foster divergent and convergence thinking as well as problem-solving skills. Building blocks, for example, encourage the development and use of problem-solving skills and divergent thinking. Block play doesn’t have one purpose or result, which encourages divergent problem-solving. Multiple people often solve divergent problems. Instead, convergent thought and problem-solving activities such as model toys have one outcome.


When it comes to construction toys and building blocks, the only limit is your child’s imagination. The simplicity of building toys allows children to design and create whatever they can imagine and determine the most efficient method of constructing their structure from the ground up.

Scientific and Mathematical Concepts.

Yes, that’s true! Budling toys help to prepare your child for academic lessons! Toys for construction help counting, comparing length and width, combine geometric shapes to make other shapes. The basic concepts of addition are taught to children when they see that two small blocks will be equal in size. Children will discover ideas in science while playing with their construction toys. When blocks accidentally fall over, your child will experience gravity. It will increase their understanding of mechanics and balance.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills.

During the process of play through shifting, crawling, stretching, and scooting to complete their masterpiece, your child is also contributing to the development of their gross motor skills. Fine motor skills will be honed as your child pieces together interlocking blocks or add blocks to their structure with increasing skill and precision due to small muscle development in hands and fingers through constructive play.

What are the best building toys for kids?

Here are some toys to consider for your child, according to his age.

MOOMU Soft Building Blocks Set for Toddlers

Best Building Toys

BPA-free and eco-friendly (TPR) colorful building blocks are a good start for introducing your little one to the building blocks. The big advantage, for me personally, is the lack of the smell of plastic. For your baby’s hygiene and safety, these blocks can be sterilized even with boiling water.

The set comes with a storage chair or storage bag, which is quite convenient to store with ease.

Age: 6 months and up

Magnetic Building Tiles

Best Building Toys

Magnetic tiles come in colorful squares or triangles. They can attract on all sides thanks to their magnets.

Magnetic Tiles allow children to build anything from their imagination using creativity. They can even create an image or copy something made by someone else. Kids love to play for hours with this building toy.

Age: 3+ years

Melissa & Doug Wooden Blocks Set

Best Building Toys

This Melissa & Doug wooden building blocks set includes 100 pieces of colorful wooden blocks that provide hours of educational fun for kids. These wooden blocks are lightweight and have rounded edges which makes them safe for kids.

Age: 3+ years

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

Best Building Toys

Let your children create their toys and engage them in pretend play. This classic LEGO bricks creative kit includes 33 different colors bricks with eight toy windows, toy doors, two baseplates, six toy tires, and six toy wheel wheels rims. It’s excellent for creating hours of creativity with your kids. These toys will inspire kids to be creative builders. For endless play, all LEGO building sets can be mixed.

Age: 4+ years

Nobranded STEM* Learning Toys 5 in 1 Erector Set 

Best Building Toys

The YKSUN STEM toy is designed to increase your children’s Science, Technology and Engineering skills. Improve your kids’ imagination and creativity by challenging them to build their own models of robots, racing car, airplane.

This educational STEM building toy was created specifically for your child’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and logical thinking. It is the ultimate toy promoting teamwork, collaboration, social skills, creativity, and imagination through interactive play.

Age: 6+ years

STEM Building Toys 5 in 1 Motorized Educational Construction Building Blocks Toys

Best Building Toys

If you want to develop engineering concepts and knowledge in your child, Pakoo STEM building blocks toys are the perfect choice for the young builder. It contains 109 parts. STEM set comes with instructions on how to build five electric models. Electric motor drive enables the models to move, which will attract your child’s attention for long hours of fun.

*More information about STEM Learning Toys and how kids benefit from playing with STEM Toys you can read at HERE.

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