Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

What to do is your little one is a bath hater? So it’s time to create a fun bathtime with bath toys. Keep in mind that young infants don’t need toys according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Once your baby is old enough for the bathtub it s good time to create a whole new enjoyable experience. While bath toys should be educational, colorful and interesting to play, the most of all they they should be easy to clean and dry.

How to Choose Bath Toys for Babies

Before you start shopping check out our list of recommendations how to choose best baby bath toys to keep your child entertained and safe.

    1. Choose bath toys according to the baby’s age. The toy should encourage to learn something new, as well as fit in little hands, so that the baby can easily hold and squeeze it in the water.
    2. Give prefernce to educational elements. It helps to explore the world around them and create a bonding experience with parents.
    3. Choose toys that are easy to dry and clean. Conisder washing bath toys regularly with soap and air dry between each use. Try to find dishwasher safe bath toys.
    4. Look for a toys without a hole in the middle. Mold and bacteria grow in wet environment, and it extremely diffciult to clean squeezable bath toys with a hole in the middle. Dishwasher safe toys can be an excellent choice.
    5. Always check product labels and buy bath toys free of PVC, Phthalates and Bisphenols (BPA+PBS)
    6. Try to buy green toys made of 100% recycled plastic or natual rubber ( for example you may visit

Best baby bath toys by age

3-6 months: Beginner

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

While your baby is an infant, they won’t be doing anything other than getting used to the water routine. On the other hand, bath toys are excellent for engaging babies’ senses. You can visit Oli & Carol’s Teether & Bath Toys  HERE to check teethers and bath toys made of natural rubber. In addition it has e plenty of texture to aid sensory development, and can take a lot of gumming.  The teething toy has no holes, where mold can spread – that makes it a huge advantage. Over time, when your baby gets older, these bath toy will educate them about cause and effect – baby will enjoy plunging it under the water and seeing it bob up.

Around 5 months old is a good time to get something like a bath squiter. By this time babies’ grasping abiliti imrpove. It is better to pick something small enough to hold. In addition, this is a good way to help babies to get used to having water in their faces. I’m sure many parents will understand what an accomplishment is this.

7 – 12 months: Advanced bather

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

This is the best time to use toys to help tire baby in the case the bathtime is a part of their bedtime routine. By this time your little one is probably looking forward to bathtime. Now they love splashing in bathtub. Choice of bath toys getting easier as even simple objects such as a pair of cups with handles will be a great toy to pour water out repeatedly.

This age is also good for using soft rubber books with pictures as an educational bath toys. Colorful images encourage for early development and alowing baby to learn new shapes, colors, animals and creatures.


13 – 24 months: Competent bather

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Does your baby still hate having her hair washed? Well it is a right time to make it fun. In my case, the best solution was to let my older daughter to control the water jet. Well, I found out that there are toys like CUTE STONE Bath Toy already when my second daughter. Believe me, it made my life much easier when I realize that I can make her hair washing into a game. This cloud-shape toy imitates soft waterfall. Baby can stop it anytime by placing her finger over the hole.

24 months +: Proficient bath swimmer

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Well, you are lucky if by this time you have not found paintings on the walls around the house. With my younger princess the urge to draw was more than obvious. My newly glued wallpaper was the perfect place for her to express her artistry. Untill I’ve dicsovered absolutely wonderful (in my case) – Honeysticks Bath Crayons. So it is a good idea to look for a bath toys that also develop artistic skills.

Best Bath Toys to Consider while Shopping

Honeysticks Bath Crayons for Toddlers & Kids

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Non-toxic, made of natural ingredients, and without any use of fragrance or coloring of any kind. Pure New Zealand Beeswax and Soy Wax are used to make honey sticks. Additionally, the non-carcinogenic emulsifier is utilized. These are entirely free of paraffin wax and other nasty ingredients. Honeysticks Bath Crayons, unlike other bath crayons, are wrapped in a biodegradable ‘crushed rock’ wrapper.

Kids of all ages will love using Honeysticks Bath Crayons, which come in seven unique colors, to explore creativity and develop imagination in the bath or shower. So they’ll be a simple chore at bath time. Set comes with a resealable canister with drain holes, that prevents mold growth.

Honeysticks Bath Crayons offer a unique, extra-long size and shape, making them simple for kids of all ages to hold and use. The Honeysticks Bath Crayons are 3.9″ long and 0.8″ in diameter, which means they can last a very long time!

Honeysticks Bath Crayons are made from a water-soluble crayon material that is entirely dissolvable, so there is no mess or residue left behind (still it is recommend by manufacturer to test a small area first). Color can be removed with a wipe-down or rinse after bathtime.

Recommended age: 1 month +


Munchkin Bath Beats Musical Bath Toy

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Is it possible to have a tiny concert right in the bathroom for endless fun? Of course, it is possible with Munchkin Bath Beats Musical toys.

Stingray xylophone, Octodrum rhythm toy, and Starfish shakers are suitable to play in and out of the bathtub.

The kids’ bathtime routine can be enhanced with creative play while sparking the interest of young musicians. Your child will love to swim from now on even if before he did not like water procedures. Please read my article about Benefits Of Musical Toys on Child’ Development HERE.

Recommended age: 12 months +


CUTE STONE Bath Toy with Shower and Floating Squirting Toys

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

There is no need for electricity to operate this shower because it has a simple suction cup that your can stick to a wall or tiles and an on/off switch button. Not only may children raise or lower the level of the water in the shower, but they can also shift the flow of the water from one direction to another.

If your baby is still afraid when water gets on his face, this toy will allow your baby to get used to water faster and with fun.

Baby can stick a slide to the tub wall or a tile. Putting balls down the slide and watering them with a gear, your child will love watching them move quickly down the slide into the tub, developing cause and effect skills.

The set includes floating dinosaurs with hinged jaws that can be caught with a fishing rod.

And very funny turtles and dinosaurs in the egg will bring your kids to the delight because they can swim in water.

BAMMAX Shark Grabber Baby Bath Toy

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers


The Bammax bathtime toy bath toys set is an amazing toy to use while bathing, at a party, or in the backyard. Children pretend to be sharks to hunt for their fishy prey in the great expansive ocean by utilizing the Shark Grabber Bathtub Toy. Toddler bath toys create a positive, fun atmosphere while at the same time encouraging the honing of skill sets the children will need to succeed.

You can play with water bath toys with your kids while you bathe, making it a positive experience for parent-child interaction. Bathtime becomes an educational, fun activity when you put bath toys in the water. For example, there are different types of fish in the ocean that you can teach your kids about using bath toys. Fine motor and hand-eye coordination training and cooperation building are gained from playing with this shark toy.

As the entire shark’s mouth, ergonomic design can fit with all of the fish inside and the bathtub toys with a storage bag, thus providing no additional worry about losing any toys. This ergonomic fish grabber is ideal for smaller-handed children, easy to push and squeeze, and with just one push of the button, your kid can catch fish with one hand. Baby shark toys have bright, attractive colors and cute designs, making them perfect for attracting a baby to taking a bath.

Recommended age: 12+

WISHTIME Baby Bath Pipes Toys Set for Better Bath Time

Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

To build children’s attention span, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, use our whale fountain, cute crab water wheel, and naughty spin octopus in the bath toy set.

The bathtub toys waterfall station toy features five stages of play: fill, flow, spin, and more. Kids can simply turn the bath toy on and off, and they can really enjoy it while taking a bath.

To protect a child’s hands, the edges of the bathtub toy are smooth and well finished.

All you have to do is place three suction cups at the back of the tub or any flat, non-porous surface in the bathroom and you’re ready to go. The toddler toy is movable and can be installed on any surface and reattached at any time.

The educational bath toy helps children learn simple mechanical knowledge, such as the function of a water spoon in a bathtub, by filling the bath toys with the cute water spoon and running them through the shower to turn the eyes, drive the gear, propel, and create a waterfall.

BPA free, non-toxic, and made of durable material this set is easy to clean.

Recommended Age: 12+

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