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Character Toys

The Best Unicorn Toys 2021

As a mother of two beautiful daughters, I have been saved by this magical, gentle and beautiful Unicorn Toys and everything associated with it for several years. Any Unicorn toys or item associated with this mystical character make my daughters happy. My oldest is 11 years old, And yet her face lights up when she gets another Unicorn related gift.…

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Dolls and Accessories

“Toy of the year 2021” or why LOL surprise dolls are so popular?

The official website MGA announced that L.O.L. Surprise! has won the prestigious “Toy of the Year” Award! Why it became Nubmer One Toy in 2021? These world-favorite toys for girls have been produced by the famous American company M.G.A. since 2017. Such an idea was born at the manufacturer, not by chance – its specialists found out that the videos on the site…

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Outdoor toys

Tips on how to choose the best outdoor playground for kids (2021)

Choosing children’s playgrounds equipment can be challenging for any parent: there are so many different options that you can quickly get confused! There are so many questions coming to parents’ minds, such as: What material is the best for outdoor playground equipment? How do I choose an outdoor playset? How can you tell that a playground is safe for children?…

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